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Open Channel Flow Meter

  • UOC Serial Open channel flow meter

    UOC Serial Open channel flow meter

    The series is a remote version ultrasonic open channel flow meter (UOC). It consists of two elements, a wall mounted host, which has a display and an integral keypad for programming, and a probe, which must be mounted directly above the surface to be monitored. Both of the host and the probe are plastic leak-proof structure.
    It can be widely applied to the environmental protection, water treatment, irrigation, chemical, and other industries.

  • Partially Filled Pipe & Open Channel Flowmeter DOF6000

    Partially Filled Pipe & Open Channel Flowmeter DOF6000

    The DOF6000 series flowmeter consists of Flow calculator and the Ultraflow QSD 6537 sensor.

    The Ultraflow QSD 6537 Sensor is used to measure water velocity, depth, and conductivity of water flowing in rivers, streams, open channels and pipes.

    When used with a companion Lanry DOF6000 Calculator, flow rate and total flow can also be calculated.

    The flow calculator can calculate the cross-sectional area of partially filled pipe, open channel stream or river, for stream or river, with up to 20 coordinate points describing the river’s shape of cross section. It is suitable for various applications.

    Ultrasonic Doppler Principle in Quadrature Sampling Mode is utilised to measure water velocity. The 6537 Instrument transmits ultrasonic energy through its epoxy casing into the water. Suspended sediment particles, or small gas bubbles in the water reflect some of the transmitted ultrasonic energy back to the 6537 Instrument’s ultrasonic receiver instrument that processes this received signal and calculates the water velocity.

  • UOL Serials Open Channel flowmeter

    UOL Serials Open Channel flowmeter

    UOL serials is non-contact ultrasonic open channel flow meter, with low blind area, high sensitivity, high stability. It consists of ultrasonic probe and the host, mainly used for measuring water conservancy irrigation, sewage plants, enterprises and institutions of the flow rate of the sewage outfalls, urban sewage and chemical enterprise part of the flow measurement.

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